Tea Talk with Karishma Vij and Supriya Vij

Tea Talk is a radio program and podcast series hosted by Karishma Vij and Supriya Vij on Radio 4 Brainport. Their interactive talk show reaches out to the Expats in the Eindhoven Brainport region. Tea Talk caters to various topics such as career, self development, health, education, lifestyle with great music, both Hollywood and Bollywood.

“TEA-TALK is a great example of the type of programs that we like to run regularly. It finds a nice spot in combining the strengths of a radio show and a podcast,” says Jean-Paul Linnartz, the station program director. ” Going in-depth with an interesting topic, but presented in a lively chat form. not losing the focus on current affairs. Karishma and Supriya connect very well with the Indian community, featuring broad interesting topics to the Internationals. We discovered that Bollywood items too are well appreciated.”

Karishma and Supriya have hosted talks with, among others Kavitha Varathan, Founder, CEO of Expat Spouses Initiative, Heidi Los-Career, coach and cultural trainer, founder of Design your own Future, Dr. Sangeeta N Shrivastava, a homeopathic doctor, and an author.

Breaking boundaries and amplifying diverse voices—Join me this Friday on a radio journey as I engage in a compelling conversation with the accomplished Dr. Nupur Kohli, a trailblazer of Indian origin vying for a seat in the Dutch Parliament. From her roots as a medical doctor to her strides at Harvard Business School, TEDx Talks, and impactful leadership at Shell Netherlands, Nupur’s story is a testament to transcending borders and backgrounds.