High Tech Campus Eindhoven

1999-2049: Open Day june 2024

Live from the High Tech Campus, with guests that explain how tech makes this regio tick. IMEC, Host Center and IMEC Leuven, as true open innovation centers that cooperates with many companies in the region and in the world. Mario Konijnenburg talks about antennas in cars for sensing to enhance the traveling experience. Inge Teklenburg (Volt) dials in from the 1st Eindhoven pride walk in the city center Oleksandr from the Ukraine uses AI in a Fontys project to recognize cats. Parag Gupta dials in from the bee hives, at HTC campus. Fontys Lecturer Mark de Graaf connects international cultures
The next generation at Smart Photonics: Tim van Nuland and Sietse de Boer explain not only what photonics is, but also what drives them to be part of the creation of a company that can make a major transition in smart devices.
Ronald Maandonks thinks back about to good times at Philips, but sees great opportunities now for open innovation.

Open day 2022

Open Day 2022