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Podcasts have become very popular in recent years. But already for a long time, radio stations have been broadcasting interesting stories. Talk radio may be example of stations that go to the extreme. But many stations intersperse music with reports and short interviews. Often these interviews on the radio are in fact compact, concise podcasts that catch the essence of a story in a few minutes.

The Arboretum in Park Meerland hosts over a thousand trees and shrubs from four continents. A truly international setting. When we asked Tom van Duuren of Arboretum Boomrijk in Meerhoven about a beautifiul tree garden in Meerhoven, we learned that in fact many trees all over the city originate from other countries. It gives a great
opportunity to connect with nature.

The arboretum is taken care of by volunteers. Residents can not only enjoy the collection of trees, but also adopt and donate a tree, for a special occasion or memory. April 14th, Mayor Jeroen Dijsselbloem planted the “Burgemeesters boom”, a special species of tree discovered in China, that invites to celebrate special events. Traditionally it is often surrounded by letters and messages hanging from the branches.

Cancer Unfortunately, these days it is unlikely to meet someone who has never been affected by cancer in some way. Whether being diagnosed themselves or knowing a loved one who was diagnosed. “De eik”, a centre for living with and after cancer, focuses on providing peer support to the person and their family affected by cancer.

We explore this topic further with Jacqueline Selbeck- coordinator of de eik and Ineke Coremans- Volunteer and Host of the meetup group for internationals.