Radio 4 Brainport

In true Brainport innovation style, using and also developing advanced playout software, we want to create a ‘crowdsourced’ radio program that is generated automatically from elements contributed by people from within the community. News items can be provided by the volunteers of the english language news service “Eindhoven News”. We expect more in depth interviews from a cooperation with e52. And hope to have students develop automated weather and road updates with clever software. And more, all packaged in an international music program setting. It’s a project aiming to create a new way of generating radio, much like an automated audio timeline, with community contributions, “Social Radio”.

Besides a 24/7 audio stream on the Internet, we are also setting up DAB and AM radio transmission.

In the last 2 years a similar project has run as a trial in the province of Limburg, focusing more on touristic information. So basic experience how to create such a program is available. But it’s time to take it to the next level, and Brainport is the ideal spot for it. We invite everybody in the large english speaking community to co-create a unique service for each other. We’re open to experiments, suggestions on what is of interest to you, could use all kinds of assistance – be it editorial, promotional, creative, secretarial etc.

And we feel that ‘Radio 4 Brainport’ describes exactly what we like to achieve: an entertaining and interesting radio service for all that relate to Europe’s leading innovative top technology region !

If you want to co-create the station with us, please send an email to !

We can use all kinds of help: correspondents who inform us about interesting events or news, reporters who make audio contributions (you can even send us good recordings made with your smartphone !), contribution editors who review and prepare contributions, program editors who design the radio program flow, speakers who read out texts, a logo designermusicians for our own jingles, but also volunteers for the website, content collectors etc.