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European elections 2024

Europe does not only have friends in the world. Our role is under economic pressure. Geopolitically, we face military threats. But today I want to go further: will our democracy survive? We are flooded with fake news and deliberate disinformation, We see veto-ers and influencers just for the sake of influencing. A pitch by Jean-Paul Linnartz in the Europe Debate, Parktheather, Eindhoven, May 2024.

Bram Kamp runs for seat in the European Parliament. In Brussels, he will feel at home, Bram expects: “Brussels is more about content rather than about show.” Europe sees the importance of technology and innovation but also sees a need to safeguard a strong position. Volt is a European political party. Can democracy in Europe still work with 27 countries, each of which has a veto right? Bram Kamp nonetheless sees a key role for Europe in combatting climate change, in improving security throughout the region. Every Dutch citizen gains a value of 9000 euro from being in various European cooperations. For innovation, Brussels is the place to be, rather than The Hague. The European Parliament’s work is more technical and content-driven compared to national levels, and many current EU challenges can be addressed with technology. Erik Becker (VVD) believes the European Parliament needs more tech-savvy members to make smarter decisions. With a background in engineering and international business, Erik feels at home in the multinational EU environment. He points out that the EU lags behind the US and China in innovation due to overly strict regulations, and argues that innovators need more freedom. Fast tracks for vital sectors, like the Chips Act for semiconductors, are necessary and could benefit defense and healthcare industries as well. Regarding developments in The Hague, Erik discusses the coalition agreement’s impact on VVD’s work at the European level and within the Renew coalition in the European Parliament. Anna Koolstra is a policy maker in the Hague, working on afforable housing in the Netherlands. Yet, she sees housing as a European challange. The European parliment can more effectively handle the current housing crisis than a national Dutch government. One million people cannot find a house and sleep on the street. Anna pitches for major revision of the economic powers in real estate on a European level. Anna runs for the Europen parliament, for the Dutch Groen-Links PvdA party and is the last female name on the list.

Municipality Elections 2023

A pre-election political debate among Mpanzu Bamenga, D66 (Democratic 66); Jan Joosten, CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal); Judith Tielen, VVD (People’s Party for Liberals and Democracy), Eva de Bruijn, GL-PvdA (Labour and Green left coalition) and Valerie Pajak, Volt (Pan-European political movement), organized by EindhovenNews.com The debate has four segments that each focus on key topics. The first segment addresses international students, housing, minimum wage and the development of the Brainport region. The second segment will focus on immigration, 30% ruling, and asylum. The third round is dedicated to innovation, sustainability, mobility and security. The final round highlights housing, health insurance and taxation. Moderator Beena Arunraj, Eindhoven News is joined by Zach Newmark from NL Times, Jean-Paul Linnartz and Robin Pascoe from Dutch News. Dutch News also reports results from a poll among internationals.